Hilton Petone Cup Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules for 2019 Powerex Tournament for Hilton Petone Cup


  1. The cups shall be the Hilton Petone Cup(s) (winners Division 1, winners Division 2) and the Jack Evans Memorial Trophy (runner-up Division 1). The cups are the property of the Petone Football Club Inc.

  2. The entire control and management of the Tournament shall be vested in the Petone Football Club except for judicial action arising from cautions/dismissals received by players during the matches.

  3. The preliminary rounds shall be played on a championship basis with three points for a win and one point for a draw.

  4. Group winners and runners-up will progress to the Knockout rounds e.g. quarter finals (this may vary depending on the number of entries – for 2019 group winners in both divisions will progress directly to the final). In both divisions, criteria for placings will be firstly; points, then goal difference, then goals for, then the winner of the round robin game between the two sides.

  5. During the Knockout rounds, the duration of play and the taking of penalty kicks at the completion of extra time shall follow FIFA rules (as applied to the Chatham Cup Competition) except that there will be no extra time played in quarter final and semi final matches. In these games, if there is a draw at the end of normal time, teams will go into a penalty shoot-out.

  6. a)     Guest players may participate on the condition that they play only with the written consent of the Club with which they are registered, such consent to be on that clubs’ letterhead or in an email from that clubs’ official contact and made available to the Tournament organiser on request.

    b)     No player may play for more than one club during the Tournament. No more than three players may move from a clubs’ A team to its B team, and vice versa, for each round of games during the Tournament, provided that no player may play (take the field) for a clubs’ B team having played for its A team in the same round of the Tournament.

  7. In the event of a clash of colours, the second named team in the draw shall be the “away” team and shall be required to change.

  8. Teams are allowed to use five substitutes during a game.

  9. ISPS Handa Premiership players can participate in the Tournament for their registered Club providing they are released to do so by the Premiership coach.


Disciplinary Action

  1. A player receiving three yellow cards in the group play will be suspended for the next Tournament match, including the final.
  2. A player who is sent off will be suspended as ruled by the Tournament Judicial Committee. New Zealand Football Regulation 7 – Penalties for misconduct by players – shall apply in this case.

The Tournament Judicial Committee will include the Capital Football Federation General Manager. Clubs will be advised of any suspensions and cautions. Suspensions and/or cautions imposed shall be confined to the Hilton Petone Tournament and NOT carry over into the season proper.

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