Junior Football Skills Sessions

Welcome to the Junior World of Petone Football - Can we bring the ‘beautiful game’ to OUR Juniors?


How wonderful it is to see the Phoenix embracing the modern approach to the game with more possession. Ernie Merrick changed the style during practice sessions. He didn't just talk to the players but related his Philosophy to the training sessions. How they play is how they train, and how they train is how they play.


We can encourage OUR players to become smarter players. No more sending them off to run around the field as a warm-up, smart play begins with developing personal touch and control with the ball.


Using the games and skills sessions in this booklet will mean you need no other practice games, and players will never get bored because the games are directly related to the Saturday game - They are filled with action!


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PDF Icon   Petone FC - Junior Football Drills - March 2014

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