Petone FC earn QCM status

  24 September 2015   Capital Football   Club News
Petone FC earn QCM status

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Petone FC joined 38 other clubs nationwide on Saturday as the club were presented with the Quality Club Mark (QCM) 1-star Developing Club accreditation after the Women’s Central League playoff match at Petone Memorial Park.


Petone FC Club president Craig Deadman said achieving Quality Club Mark was a great honour and stands the club in good stead.


“It means we’ve got our act together. We put a business plan in place last year which has given us some focus and this goes a long way to showing that we have put things in motion to improve what we’re doing as a club.”


Deadman said the growth of the women’s game and results they’ve achieved in the past two seasons kick-started the process to achieving the ‘Developing Club’ status.


“Our women’s plan was what really kicked off our business plan development. Now that we’ve reached one-star developing level we want to get the next two levels as soon as possible and set the club up well for the future.”


The process associated with achieving QCM status is a great exercise for clubs and one that isn’t too labour intensive, Deadman said.


“There is some work involved but we found we had a lot of this in place already. It allows you to pull all your club policies together in one place to create a decent club business plan. It also helped us to realise the areas we are strong in and areas where we can pump more resource in those areas that need some support. It’s been a very handy exercise.”


Capital Football Development Officer Tim Bush has been working with Petone to achieve the Quality Club Mark status and re-iterated that most clubs are already on their way to the Developing Club status.


“Most of our clubs, if not all of them, are running first kicks, fun football and mini football so it’s really easy to achieve with a little bit of work. Also, most clubs have a constitution, code of ethics etc so it’s a case of digging them out and just updating the information where needed.


“It’s a great process for clubs to undertake and future-proofs them for years to come. I’d encourage all clubs to get in touch with their local FDO to get the process started. NZF have the templates needed to achieve Quality Club Mark on their website and we are more than happy to help clubs hit the milestone.”

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