Helping you stay in the game

  26 July 2018   Comms team   Club News

Small aches and niggles can have a way of creeping up on us and injuries are often inevitable with winter sports. Petone FC's physio Lee Heang from TBI Health provides advice on managing those injuries.


As we are well into the football season, you are probably aware that the weekly games and trainings can be physically demanding on the body.  So it is important to seek physiotherapy treatments as soon as possible.


Rehabilitation aims to target neuromuscular recovery, tissue repair, and muscle soreness. Proper recovery is important as it will help you train more effectively and maximise your performance during games.
This can also address ongoing issues and prevent further injuries for the upcoming finals.


All Petone club members (junior and senior) receive free physiotherapy treatment for ACC related injuries at any TBI Health facility so we recommend you contact them if you have any questions or concerns about your injuries.

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