Foundation Year Clarified

  3 June 2012   Jeff Bell   History

New and exhaustive historical research has enabled us now to be absolutely certain that our Club commenced as Petone AFC in the 1898 season. Previously, information that had been available pointed to the Club having been founded in 1889 as the Petone Wanderers and then having amalgamated with Wellington Rowing Club to become United AFC in 1892. After the latter disbanded in 1895, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, the intervening two years were thought to be a club in recess before re-emergence in 1898 as Petone AFC. However, we now have conclusive evidence that there was in fact no connection between Petone Wanderers/ United, on the one hand, and Petone AFC of 1898 on the other. As a result, the Club is proud to be the oldest football club in Wellington to survive in its original form without amalgamation.


You can download a copy of the Foundation Date Report below.


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