Petone FC Timeline

1889 - 1948

1889   First inter-club match in Wellington: Petone Wanderers 2 beat Wellington Rovers 0
1889   First match in Petone: 22 June at Gear’s Paddock - Petone Wanderers v Wellington Rovers
1890   Wellington Football Association formed on 15 May
1891   Petone Wanderers wins the inaugural Wellington Championship (Venus Shield)
1892   Petone Wanderers and Wellington Rowing Club merge to form United - disbands in 1895
1898   Petone Association Football Club founded with team in Wellington Division One
1898   Petone’s first league game played 30 April against Rovers at Petone Recreation Ground
1899   First Annual General Meeting of Petone AFC held on 9 February
1909   Maidment’s field, now fronted by stonemasons on Hutt Road, secured for lower grades
1909   St. David’s and St. Augustine’s enter teams in lower grades
1916   Senior league football suspended due to World War I - recommences 1918
1927   Jim Campbell becomes the first Petone player to represent New Zealand
1927   First team wins Wellington Division One B and the Power Cup
1928   Petone wins the Chatham Cup for the first time
1930   Chatham Cup won for the second time
1931   Petone wins the Wellington Championship (Venus Shield) for the first time
1932   North Park opened as venue initially for lower grades
1933   Wellington Championship (Venus Shield) won for a second time
1934   Peter McVean is first to play 100 first team league games for Petone
1935   Andy Leslie scores his 100th first team league goal in only his 74th appearance
1939   Petone wins the Wellington Championship (Venus Shield) for the third time
1942   Petone wins Wellington Division One B and the Power Cup
1943   Enlistment of servicemen forces withdrawal from Division One after 2 games
1944   The club re-emerges in Division One B
1946   Petone and Petone Technical Old Boys compete in Division One
1947   The Club withdraws from senior competitions for 1947 and 1948


1949 - 1976

1949   Officials’ visit to Fort Dorset immigrants’ hostel leads to player influx
1949   Wellington FA enters Petone in Division Two A - equivalent to a third division
1949   Petone, known as ‘The Settlers’, wins Chatham Cup for third time - 12,000 at Basin Reserve
1950   First team promoted straight to Division One
1952   Petone wins the Wellington Championship (Venus Shield) for the fourth time
1955   Hilton-Petone Friendly Tournament established as end-of-season knock-out competition
1956   Petone fields three senior and three junior teams
1956   Petone wins the Hilton-Petone Cup for the first time
1958   Junior Management Committee formed
1961   The new Memorial Park becomes our home ground
1961   Jack Evans Trophy presented for runners-up in the Hilton-Petone Tournament final
1962   Junior Management Committee takes over management of its own finances
1963   Men's subscriptions are set at three pounds and Juniors at five shillings
1966   Debentures issued for building of gymnasium at Memorial Park
1967   First team wins Wellington Division Two
1968   Central League formed, with Petone as a founding participant
1968   First floodlit Central League match held at the Basin Reserve - Petone v Stop Out
1968   New gymnasium opened in April at Memorial Park
1970   National League formed
1972   Supporters’ Club formed
1972   Hilton-Petone Tournament revamped to pre-season round-robin followed by knock-out
1973   Women's Committee formed
1973   First Women's team established
1976   Clubrooms built in the gymnasium and officially opened in July
1976   Petone wins Central League Division Two and automatic promotion to Division One


1977 - 1995

1977   Club magazine, “Petone AFC News”, produced through to 1992
1979   Floodlights installed at Memorial Park, providing a fully floodlit No. 3 pitch
1979   Petone wins (under 18) Junior National Cup
1979   Hilton-Petone Cup stolen from holders’ clubrooms
1982   British Airways begins an 11 year sponsorship of the Hilton-Petone Tournament
1983   Club Patron, Mrs Annie Huggan, MBE passes away, having been Patron since 1956
1984   Harbour Inn Seafoods becomes the Club’s major sponsor for six years
1984   Full-time Club Manager appointed
1984   Club brings England and West Ham star Trevor Brooking to Petone
1985   Stolen Hilton-Petone Cup found and returned
1986   Pauline Sullivan becomes the first Petone women’s player to represent New Zealand
1987   Hutt Valley United formed by Petone, Lower Hutt and Stop Out, and enters National League
1987   Hilton-Petone Tournament second division established
1989   Clubroom extensions completed
1989   Petone celebrates what was thought to be its centenary
1989   Centenary booklet awarded joint Best Soccer Publication in New Zealand by NZFA
1990   Petone wins Central League Division One but declines to enter National League play-offs
1991   Balcony added to clubrooms
1991   Petone withdraws from Hutt Valley United
1992   Petone Association Football Club renamed as Petone Soccer Club
1993   Maureen Jacobson named New Zealand Women’s Footballer of the Year
1994   Club erects crowd barriers and fence around Memorial No. 1 pitch
1994   Petone wins Women’s Central League each season to 1998
1995   Petone reaches final of the Women’s National Knockout Cup each season to 1998
1995   Junior ranks swell to 30 teams
1995   Petone hosts Women’s National Championships


1995 - 2014

1995   Wendi Henderson is first to score 100 first team league goals in women’s football
1996   Ten Petone men’s teams entered in WSA championships
1996   Maureen Jacobson is second to score 100 first team league goals in women’s football
1998   Four women’s teams entered in various grades
1998   Petone unknowingly reaches the 100 year milestone
1999   Petone wins Women’s Wellington Division One
2000   The Club wins both divisions of the Hilton-Petone Tournament
2001   Petone wins Women’s Wellington Division One
2004   Petone becomes a principal member of Team Wellington
2004   The lower level of the clubrooms is flooded following storms
2006   Capital Premier League (Venus Shield) won by first team
2007   Petone wins Capital Premier League (Venus Shield) and play-off for Central League
2008   Petone wins (under 19) National Youth Tournament
2010   Juniors field 40 teams
2010   Paul Whitmarsh is second to score 100 first team league goals in men’s football
2010   Petone Soccer Club renamed as Petone Football Club
2011   Club launches Honours Board and Timeline Boards
2012   Maureen Jacobson inducted into Wellington Football Hall of Fame
2012   Club creates and fills the Director of Junior Football position
2013   An artificial turf pitch is opened on Memorial Park No. 1
2013   Club enters into a five year community partnership with Vodafone
2014   John Bradbury receives Wellington Sportsperson of the Year Lifetime Contribution to Sport Award
2014   Barry Pickering and Grant Turner inducted into Hutt City Sporting Legends
2014   John Bradbury inducted into Wellington Football Hall of Fame
2014   Junior player registrations exceed 500 for the first time
2014   Clubroom lounge named The John Bradbury Lounge to recognize his lifetime contribution


2015 -

2015   Maureen Jacobson inducted into Sports Legends of Wellington
2015   Barry Pickering inducted into Wellington Football Hall of Fame
2016   Club creates and fills the High Performance Director position
2017   Life Member and former club chairman John Bradbury passes away

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